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Long Term Abdominal Pain (LTAP) not responding to  treatment is one of the most puzzling of all conditions. If you are suffering from this condition ,you are not alone. You may be puzzled as to the reason why after seeing so many specialists why is no one able to cure you.

The main reason for this discrepancy is that abdomen is typically looked at by different doctors who look at only their organ of specialty like Gastroenterologist, Urologist, Gynecologist etc. The satisfaction rate of patients in this condition is less than 5% , a fact which is conveniently hidden by the treating doctor. A lot of people assume that only Gastrointestinal tract is the cause of their problems .

Unfortunately there are close to 20 organs inside your abdomen and all present with pain on the surface. Therefore in many cases knowledge of a single specialty is not enough for a proper diagnosis.
The organs themselves can behave in a progressive and/or intermittent way. The diagnoses is further complicated by many drugs which modify the symptoms.

It is not for nothing that Abdomen is known in medical circles as Pandora’s box whose contents are unpredictable. It must be remembered by family physicians and specialists alike that any person suffering from an unresolved abdominal symptom needs to be investigated more deeply.

Remember medicines only control the symptoms and rarely if ever cure.

Firstcure is the only clinic in the world we know who specializes in handling these difficult cases. The level of expertise will not be found anywhere in the world.
No doctor of allopathy will dare to go over the diagnoses and treatment of best doctors in the world. Unfortunately their lack of confidence will disrupt your life.
To date we have cured scores of patients and all of them are now in control of their lives.





I was suffering from Abdominal pain and vomiting for last 6 months .I was seen by top Gastroenterologists from Leelavati and Hinduja hospital. I was put on Omeprazole and when that did not work I was told to start taking sedatives.That is when I wanted to take another opinion from firstcure. I was cured of all my problems in 1 week and today I am off all medications.... Umangi Badnisa


I was suffering from abdominal pain and vomiting for last 6 months. I was given all medications possible by doctors. I was finally diagnosed as Incurable cyclical vomiting. My mother was told that now she will have to live with it and she was psychologically disturbed. Thankfully I was referred to Firstcure. Where I responded to treatment in 4 days. Today I am symptom free and not on any medication.........Asha Bhanushali.

I was suffering from vomiting for 6 months. 2 paediatricians and 1 gastroenterologist had tried all medicines and given up on me. I was told i liked vomiting and was doing it to attarct attention. i was referred to firstcure. I got control of my vomiting in 7 days and was totally cured in 2 weeks. .........Abhishek jain

I was suffering from vomiting for last 4 months. I was seen by 1 gastroenterologist and 1 surgeon . My endoscopy  did not show any abnormality. I had taken all sorts of medications which the the doctors could muster.I was branded as as psychogenic vomiting after they gave up. I was referred to Firstcure. I was totally cured of my vomiting  and today thankfully i am in a position to join school. ................. Sanket kadashi

I was suffering from acidity and abdominal pain for 1 year. I had taken all drugs including omeprazole and rabeprazole but to no effect. iwas referred to first cure i was finally cured of my acidity in 6 days flat. Today i am off all medication afetr 2 weeks. .......... Sandeep Shetty

Amit Chopra Lives in Los Angeles California. He was diagnosed as Irritable Bowel syndrome and said to be suffering from anxiety disorder. He was correctly diagnosed at Firstcure. Today he does not have loose motions and no bleeding in stools. He is also not on any medication.

Vimmi Chawla from Los Angeles was being treated unsuccessfully for acidity and heart burn over last 10 years by gastroenterogists in Los Angeles. She was taking 2 tablets of omeprazole daily and still suffering from acidity. After 1 month of treatment by Firstcure she is relieved of her acidity and is down to 1 tablet daily. She is looking forward to her trip to India to get rid of the remaining tablet too.

Bhargavi Raval was suffering from abdominal pain and acidity for last 10 years .It had become worse in last 3 years . She was on treatment by leading gastroenterologist from Delhi. She was relieved of her suffering at firstcure in 5 days.

Shreya Bhanushali was suffering from acidity and abdominal pain for last 8 months. She was on pantaprazole and other medicines from leading surgeon in the area. After no effect she was referred to firstcure . She was cured in 7 days . Today she is off all medications.

Tarabai Ahire was suffering from vomiting and abdominal pain for 6 months. She was operated for appendicitis with no relief. She was on pantaprazole for 6 months with a very high dose. her endoscopy showed ulceration in stomach and duodenum. She was under treatment by a physician. When everything failed she was referred to firstcure. Today after 2 weeks she is pain and vomiting free and not on any medication.

I was suffering from abdominal pain since last 2 years .My gynecologist had performed tissue biopsy on me without giving me a diagnoses or relief. I was having low grade fever since 4 months. I was correctly diagnosed as Pelvic Inflammatory disease with chronic Appendicitis. Today after having treatment for both I am totally pain free and looking forward to life.

I was suffering from bloating of stomach and pain in stomach since 3 years. i was sometimes told it is IBS. I was also told to remove my appendix. I am much relieved now and the bloating feeling has gone. My appendix is still not been operated thankfully.
..................Geeta Bhandari

Kalawati Gupta was suffering from abdominal pain and bloating from 3 years . She had been seen by 4 specialists including Gastroenterologist and surgeon. She was was being treated for non existent infection and IBS. She was correctly diagnosed at firstcure . She has been taken off pain killers and she recovered in 6 weeks.

I was suffering from bloating and gaseous feeling in my stomach for last 10 years. I was belching many times a day which was embarrassing. My symptoms are finally in control .There is no gaseous feeling and my belching is considerably reduced. I am thankful to firstcure for my new found feeling of health.
......................Rani Shankar

Joel Fernandes was suffering from Abdominal pain and constipation and loose motions for last 1 year . He was diagnosed as depression with IBS. He was cured at First cure. Today he is back at work and off all medications.

I was overweight by 15 kg and suffering from pain in my stomach for last 3 years. I had consulted all top doctors and everybody told me I was under tension and overreacting. It was only at Firstcure that I was correctly diagnosed and treated. Today I have lost 5 kg in last 2 months and my pain is reduced by more than 80% and I am not on any drugs at all.
......Daksha kavaiya

I was suffering from acidity for last 6 years .I had exhausted all medicines and all doctors, finally my doctor referred me to firstcure. It has made such a difference in my life as now i am not having acidity and i am also not on any medication.

.......Raman Pillai

My fistula was operated by the painless technique. I was sitting comfortably on 2nd day and i was at work on 4th day. This is my photo on 2nd day in the hospital.
.......Mahipal Singh

I was suffering from indigestion ,bloating of stomach, constipation for last 2 years. I had consulted gastroenterologists and surgeons. Everybody said I was under tension and suffering from IBS. Nobody was taking me seriously. I was on the verge of quitting my job and heading to my village. I was correctly diagnosed at Firstcure. Today i consider myself very well and on my way to recovery.
....... Ramshiromani Dhiver

The diagnosis of IBS had ruined my life .I was always under tension. I was having indigestion, bloating of stomach and general ill being. Today i am ok, I am not on any medication. My constipation is gone and i am very angry that my doctor gave me the diagnoses of IBS for 3 long years.
......Indira Kunder

Ratanlal Rathod was suffering from abdominal problems for last 3 years .He was diagnosed as anxiety disorder with headache by psychiatrists and neurologist. He was on omeprazole , Pain killers for headache and sedatives. he was hospitalized once for paralytic ileus due to anxiety medication. He was subsequently hospitalized for Ulceration due to pain killers.
He was correctly diagnosed as Migraine which responded to B blockers and he was treated for Gastritis and ulceration. Today his headaches are much reduced and he is also not on any medication for gastritis.
He was a classic case of drug side effects which was being ignored by treating doctors.

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BBC reports that IBS is one of many Invented diseases

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Wikipedia reports IBS contributes 30 billion$ to American health care industry.
A lot of money when no drug ever works for IBS

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Astra zeneca reports 12.9 billion$ sales of its drug omeprazole for acidity. It also reports a official figure of 50% failure rate in treating the condition of acidity.

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